Innovative & Responsible Mining Workshop

About the workshop Workshop: Celebrating a Successful Event!

The workshop held on October 20, 2023 brought together end users, representatives from the mining industry, technology service providers, scientific research units, and business managers in the mining field. With over 60 participants from all the world actively engaging in discussions on the presented Pilots, the event proved to be a remarkable platform for sharing insights and advancing the mining industry.

The workshop focused on addressing crucial challenges facing the mining industry, including sustainable practices, safety, automation, and digitalization. The solutions presented during the event showcased innovative approaches that could lead to more eco-efficient, safe, and sustainable mining operations. By incorporating Industry 4.0 technologies, including AI, into the mining sector, aims to revolutionize the industry and drive positive change.

Pilot 1.1: Germany

Presentation from the first MINE.IO online workshop on “Innovative & Responsible Mining”. (20.10.2023)

Pilot 1.2: Germany

Presentation from the first MINE.IO online workshop on “Innovative & Responsible Mining”. (20.10.2023)

Pilot 2: Poland

Presentation from the first MINE.IO online workshop on “Innovative & Responsible Mining”. (20.10.2023)

Pilot 3: Greece

Presentation from the first MINE.IO online workshop on “Innovative & Responsible Mining”. (20.10.2023)

Pilot 4: Finland

Presentation from the first MINE.IO online workshop on “Innovative & Responsible Mining”. (20.10.2023)

Pilot 5: Germany

Presentation from the first MINE.IO online workshop on “Innovative & Responsible Mining”. (20.10.2023)

Pilot 6: Portugal

Presentation from the first MINE.IO online workshop on “Innovative & Responsible Mining”. (20.10.2023)

MINE.IO Architecture

Presentation from the first MINE.IO online workshop on “Innovative & Responsible Mining”. (20.10.2023)

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Welcome by Julia Kostro (Ł-ITR)

Presented by Ilesh Dattani (GFT)

Presented by John Soldatos (INNOV-ACTS)

Use Case: Reiche Zeche, Germany
The lecture includes the presentation of the pilot site at the Reiche Zeche research and education mine in Freiberg. The project includes the digitization of a core drilling rig where measurements and evaluations are performed during drilling. The second part includes the creation of a digital twin of the ventilation system at the research and education mine. For both projects the basics will be presented.
Presented by Max Friedmann (TUBAF)

Use Case: Digital Smelter, Germany
The presentation introduces the Top Submerged Lance (TSL) smelter at the Institute of Nonferrous Metallurgy at TU Bergakademie Freiberg and gives a brief overview of the upcoming work to create a digital twin. With the help of novel sensor technology, metallurgical processes are to be monitored to predict their progress and controlled to facilitate optimal impurity removal and valuable metal recovery.
Presented by Dr. Beate Fankhänel (TUBAF)

Use Case: Poland
Presentation will be focused on the application of Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology in the mineral processing plant, especially in the flotation process control. The Pilot in the KGHM will be described.
Presented by Jacek Galas (Ł-ITR)

Short break for participants.

Use Case: Greece
In his presentation, Dr. Protonotarios will describe the Pilot Site 3 at Lavrion, Greece. He will focus on the history of the site and the current challenges for rehabilitation of areas heavily polluted by mining and metallurgical activities. Finally, he will provide a brief description of how the MINE.IO strategies will be implemented at the Pilot Site.
Presented by Dr Vassilis Protonotarios (AMDC)

Use Case: Finland
Presentation will be about the use case that will apply non-invasive geophysical techniques to map the subsurface of tailings embankments and translate the geophysical signatures in terms of hydrogeological and elastic conditions.
Presented by: Raul Mollehuara Canales (OULU)

Use Case: Kurort Oberwiesenthale, Germany
This presentation wll provide an overview of how mines are designed for vein-type deposits. It explores the challenge of aligning operational requirements with the complexities of automated and electrified mining processes. We’ll also examine safety considerations crucial for electrified and automated mining operations. Lastly, we’ll discuss the potential economic advantages that come with adopting electrification and automation in mining practices.
Presented by Gunther Pieplow (EFS)

Use Case: Portugal
More information soon.
Presented by Carlos Almeida (INESCTEC)

Moderated by Julia Kostro (Ł-ITR)

Meet the speakers

Ilesh Dattani
MINE.IO Project Coordinator

CTO/Founder of Assentian, UK/US Fintech veteran, Certified Information Security Auditor, and Chartered Engineer. Holds degrees from UCL and Yale, with 15 years innovating in Financial Services, and 8 in Civil Aviation. Advises/boards Cyber Security start-ups globally, mentors in top accelerators, and contributes to ISO/IEC tech committees. Co-founded a US family fund for early, high-impact start-ups, advises Prota Ventures, and aids Enterprise Ireland. Currently, he backs spin-outs as an investor and CTO, specializing in innovative tech for Insurance, Cyber Security, Supply Chain Management, and Privacy-Preserving Cryptography across multiple countries.

Dr. John Soldatos, PhD in Electrical & Computer Engineering, is an IoT and AI expert. He’s an Honorary Research Fellow at the University of Glasgow, UK, and was an Associate Professor at Athens Information Technology. His vast experience includes collaborating with major multinationals and advising high-tech startups. Dr. Soldatos excels in IoT and AI technologies, contributing to projects in smart cities, finance, and Industry 4.0/5.0. As a co-founder of OpenIoT, he’s published 200+ articles, authored technical whitepapers, and co-edited nine books on AI, IoT, Security, and Critical Infrastructure Protection.

Dr Vassilis Protonotarios

Dr. Vasileios Protonotarios, MSc is an active researcher/engineer/consultant for 23 years in the field of Environmental Technology, Waste Management and Chemical Engineering with special experience and skills in the field of solid waste management (including Mining and Hazardous Waste), recycling, soil remediation, brownfield site/quarries reclamation and risk assessment. He has conducted over 200 Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA), Life Cycle Assessments (LCA) and other Technical Essays. He has 29 publications, and over 600 citations. He has participated in more than 20 research projects as main researcher, primarily in waste management, recycling and brownfields restoration. He possesses a significant experience in laboratory analyses and handling of Special Chemical Laboratory Equipment.

Dr Raul Mollehuara Canales

Raul holds a PhD in Mining Engineering and Mineral Processing (Applied Geophysics), MSc in Water Resources Management (Hydrogeology), PEng Chemical Engineering, and 20+ years of experience in the mining industry.

Research expertise in near-surface geophysics, hydrogeology and geochemistry applied to characterization of mine water and mine waste. His research includes multi-source data fusion with focus on secondary mineral resources and sustainable management of mine water, mine waste (incl. tailings facilities) and post-closure mining environments.

Dr. Beate Fankhänel

Dr. Beate Fankhänel is a research associate at the Institute of Nonferrous Metallurgy and Purest Materials at TU Bergakademie Freiberg. She studied materials science and has been working in the field of pyrometallurgy for several years.

Max Friedemann

Max is a research assistant at the TU Bergakademie Freiberg at the Institute for Mining and Special Civil Engineering. He is a mechanical engineer and has good knowledge in the field of electromobility. In his previous research, he worked on a decentralized communication system for underground facilities.

Gunther Pieplow

Gunther Peiplow boasts an illustrious 27-year career in esteemed international mining, engineering, and metallurgy firms. He possesses extensive leadership acumen, honed through years of overseeing operational business and adeptly managing complex projects. His specialized expertise lies in engineering and design, making him a distinguished professional in his field.

Carlos Almeida

Carlos Almeida is a senior researcher in autonomous systems. His passion for robots led him to take a course in electrotechnical engineering and computers. In 2001 he began his activity as a researcher in robotics and autonomous systems. He has a master’s degree in autonomous systems and currently works at INESCTEC’s CRAS (Centre for Robotics and Autonomous Systems). One of his other passions is the sea, so he has been working with underwater technologies, namely underwater robots. He has performed many missions with robots in hostile/unknown environments. He participated in multiple exercises with the Portuguese Navy where he was aboard several ships. His most recent research is related to the exploration of flooded caves using robots in deep waters. Recently on one of the expeditions he managed, together with his team, to reach the world record in depth in flooded natural caves.

Dr Jacek Galas

Dr Jacek Galas is a distinguished professional with a profound background in optics and multidisciplinary research. He earned his Master of Science Degree in optics from Warsaw University in 1976, followed by a PhD in optics from the Warsaw University of Technology in 1992. With a career spanning several decades, Jacek has been actively involved in diverse research projects, showcasing his versatility and adaptability. While his early work focused on unconventional optical methods in mineral beneficiation processes, his current passion lies in the dynamic field of artificial intelligence (AI) applications.


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  1. Maria Smith on Workshop

    That was a great experience! Valuable insights from true industry experts. Looking forward to the next events!