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A Holistic Digital Mine 4.0 Ecosystem is a project focused on industrialization, informatization and sustainable development of the mining sector. We aim to provide solutions that will build a novel mining digital ecosystem and a systemic structure for the implementation of Industry 4.0 in mining industrial environments. Mine.io solution will embrace the whole mining system value chain from resources’ exploration, extraction, and processing to waste management and post mining activity.

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Upcoming Workshop 2024: Innovative & Responsible Mining

We are thrilled to announce the return of the MINE.IO Workshop. This upcoming event, set to take place in October 2024, aims to continue the conversation on cutting-edge, sustainable mining practices and will showcase the latest stages of progress in our ongoing projects.




7 Pilot Use Cases


€ 14M


42 months


The Mine.io ecosystem will be tested in various demonstration sites in 5 EU countries, including 4 active mine facilities and 2 historic mine sites, where 21 technologies will be tested.

Our core idea is to provide a manufacturing system architecture for use on the “shop floor” of digital twin mining in a cloud environment. Mine.io promises a cutting-edge cloud services infrastructure and a cutting-edge mining ecosystem of sharing, connectivity, and unrestricted collaboration. To encourage openness and data sharing, Mine.io will provide a uniform data infrastructure and collaborative platform ecosystem that will enhance the climate for collaboration among mining companies. Mine.io aims to improve the standardization of the fundamental operations in the mining sector, including asset and process equipment optimization, embedded predictive analytics, optimization techniques based entirely on data, integrated cyber-virtual and cyber-physical systems, automation and robotization of mining exploration and production processes, sustainable mining, and post-mining management.

Mine.io will offer a resource optimization and digital transformation framework, including particular circular economy and “low-impact mining” solutions to address the growing social and environmental issues. Energy advancements, such as the switch to autonomous electric vehicles, will provide socially responsible profit while enhancing the working conditions for front-line employees, including better air quality for those who work underground.

Pilot Germany

Pilot site 1: Germany

Location: Research and Education Mine “Reiche Zeche” – Freiberg, Germany

Involved partners: TUB (lead), ICCS, LTU

Location: Digital TSL-Smelter at the Institute of Nonferrous Metallurgy – Freiberg, Germany

Involved partners: TUB (lead), LTU, subcontractors (mecorad GmbH and Bundesanstalt für Materialforschung und -prüfung)
Pilot Poland

Pilot site 2: Poland

Location: Ore Processing Plants, KGHM Polska Miedź S.A. – Polkowice, Poland

Involved partners: KGHM (lead) Ł-ITR, Ł-EMAG, AGH, LTU
Pilot Greece

Pilot site 3: Greece

Location: Lavrion Ancient Silver Mines, Attica Region, Greece

Involved partners: AMDC (lead), ACC, HMU, USAL
Pilot Finland

Pilot site 4: Finland

Location: Pyhäsalmi Mine – North Ostrobothnia, Finland

Involved partners: UOULU
Pilot Germany

Pilot site 5: Germany

Location: Oberwisenthaler 61A Street – Oberwiesenthal, Germany

Involved partners: EFS (lead), ACC, TEC, IPT
Pilot Portugal

Pilot site 6: Portugal

Location: Malaposta open pit site – Urgeiriça mine, Portugal

Involved partners: INE (lead), MUO, WRCP


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