Smart EcoMine Hub

The MASTERMINE, DINAMINE, MINE.IO, and NETHELIX projects have joined forces to establish the Smart EcoMine Hub, a dynamic mining cluster dedicated to amplifying impact.

Our collective aim is to disseminate project findings widely, streamline research efforts, foster innovation, and cultivate enduring partnerships.

Through cross-project collaboration, we can achieve our shared goals more efficiently by harnessing expertise and resources synergistically.

Together, we nurture a collaborative knowledge hub where insights are shared, redundant research is minimised, and impactful solutions are developed to tackle the current challenges facing the mining industry.


NETHELIX aims to revolutionize the mining industry by optimizing mineral extraction while minimizing environmental impact. The project integrates advanced tools, data-driven decision-making, worker wellbeing priorities, and eco-friendly extraction schemes to ensure efficient and environmentally conscious mining operations.

The targeted raw materials of the project are Gold, Bauxite, Silver, Lead, Zink, Calcium Carbonate, Dolomite and Perlite. In this context, the project targets the transformation of industry practices through sustainability.

Focused on enhancing operational efficiency and environmental responsibility, NETHELIX deploys green and automated machinery, interconnects cyber-physical systems, and leverages data insights for better decision-making.

Considering the above, the project demonstrates scenarios in open-pit and underground mining, developing remote-controlled and autonomous machinery tailored for mining, prioritizing eco-friendliness and worker safety. Validation of the project wide spectrum of outcomes is planned to take place across the series of pilots panned to take place in Greece, Austria, France, the UK, and Bulgaria.


DINAMINE aims to demonstrate a holistic mine management approach, based on:

  • smart data analytics tools for real-time mine-to-port monitoring of the risks, performance, environmental footprint, maintenance needs, productivity and recovery rates,
  • machine automation and robotization strategies to enhance safety and productivity,
  • on-site studies to identify best practices for carbon neutral logistics/transportation, more energy-efficient processing, and waste/tailings handling and valorization.

The project further aims to develop tools that enable a more selective and more sustainable mining industry, with a specific focus on European SMEs. Technologies developed will be upscaled and tested, and studies performed in two small-medium scale European mining operations: one open-pit feldspar mine (Portugal), and one underground graphite mine (Norway) and their associated processing plants.


MASTERMINE aspires to become the go-to ecosystem for mines that envision digitalisation, environmental sustainability, productivity monitoring and public acceptance within their strategic goals. The focus will be on an Industrial Metaverse (ΙΜ) approach to build a digitalized copy of a real-world mine.

The project will demonstrate its applicability in 4 EU demo cases and one replication demo in South Africa. Our mining partners offer access to a total of 10 mines around Europe, producing 10 different raw materials, including 4 CRMs (Cobalt, Coking Coal, Phosphate Rock and Platinum).

Our Digital Mine 4.0 project is all about transforming the mining world. We’re here to make mining smarter, more sustainable, and in tune with the digital age. Think of it as creating a super-smart mining community that covers everything: from finding and digging up resources, processing them, all the way to managing waste and looking after the environment once mining is done.

We’re tackling every step of the mining process, making sure we do it in a way that’s good for both people and the planet. Our goal? To kick-start a new era of mining that’s efficient, environmentally friendly, and digitally advanced. We’re bringing in the latest tech to make mining operations smoother, safer, and more automated, focusing on everything from exploring and extracting valuable materials to keeping an eye on waste.

In the end, it’s all about making a positive change. We’re here to show how mining can be done better — for the environment, for the economy, and for the future of our planet.

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