EU Supercluster Lapland Geoconference

Our partner, MUON SOLUTIONS, recently took part in the EU Supercluster Lapland Geoconference.

This event was able to bring together a diverse range of stakeholders, including the European Commission, EU projects, regional authorities, industrial representatives, exploration companies, and other interested parties, to discuss and exchange ideas about current technological challenges and developments in the raw materials sector.

A major topic was about mining critical raw materials as by-products associated with other primary commodity mines. We were attracted by the view of a more integrated exploration approach, focusing on mineral systems rather than individual deposits.

The event also emphasized the state of the art on some innovative exploration technologies and concepts, always needed to increase and make more efficient discoveries providing future sources of CRM’s

Muon Solutions presented the main objectives of our MINE.IO project and launched our cooperation with other EU-funded projects.

Overall, this event was an idyllic platform for collaboration, knowledge sharing, and discussions related to exploration and mining, with a specific focus on enhancing Europe’s self-sufficiency in critical raw materials.

Read more about what happened during the second day of the Geoconference here.

You can find a concise video summary that captures the essence of this informative event in the post:

MINE.IO’s geoconference poster is available to download below:

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