MINE.IO at the Muographers 2023: International workshop on Muography

Our partner, Winger Research Centre for Physic, took part in the International Workshop on Muography

The “Muographers 2023: International workshop on Muography” event took place in Naples, between 19-22 June. This yearly gathering of the recently established “muography” research field is the most important forum of information exchange and presentation of newest results, dedicated to  methodology, applications, technological developments of cosmic muon imaging.

Naples is known for the Vesuvius, where the largest European muography observatory, the MURAVES experiment is operating. Muography is particularly advantageous in volcanology, being able to observe large mass changes inside the otherwise invisible magma conduit.

Besides a number of other applications — notably enabling discovery of new voids in pyramids — muography in mining industry has the highest economic and social impact. During the Workshop, Dezso Varga has presented in his overview talk titled “Muography instrumentation at the Wigner Research Centre for Physics” the Mine.io project, a flagship example of application-oriented innovation.

From the perspective of the Mine.io, the workshop gave the chance to introduce the project to a broad community, and learn about cutting edge developments related to mining application.

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