MINE.IO at Beyond Expo 2024 in partnership with the NetHelix project.

From April 24 to April 27, 2024, the Beyond Expo became a hotspot for innovation, where MINE.IO, under the Smart EcoMine Hub, showcased groundbreaking AI-driven solutions in mining. Collaborating at the Satways Ltd booth, our project, alongside NetHelix, MASTERMINE, and DINAMINE, highlighted how EU-funded projects can drive substantial advancements in sustainable mining practices.

During the event at booth C19 in Pavilion 13, attendees experienced the power of cross-project collaboration, which is essential for maximizing the impact and efficiency of technological innovations in the mining industry. MINE.IO’s contribution to the Smart EcoMine Hub emphasizes our commitment to sustainable development and showcases the practical applications of AI in enhancing industry standards.

As we reflect on our engaging participation at the Beyond Expo, we’re inspired by the productive exchanges and feedback received, which will undoubtedly propel further advancements in our ongoing and future projects aimed at transforming the mining industry.

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