MINE.IO at Hannover Messe with Jotne

From April 22-24, Jotne Connect, a key member of our MINE.IO consortium, participated in the significant “Energizing a Sustainable Industry” event at Hannover Messe.

Role in MINE.IO Project

Jotne Connect is at the forefront of developing the Open Standard Based Digital Twin using the PLM module within the MINE.IO project. This technology is crucial for achieving the project’s goals, which include enabling the seamless exchange, sharing, and archiving of data through an interoperability repository based on open and publicly accessible standards.

Innovative System Engineering Approach

The approach adopted by Jotne Connect integrates an agile system engineering methodology compliant with ISO 10303 standards. This integration facilitates the incorporation of diverse technological domains such as CAD, PLM, Simulation, and IoT sensor data, enhancing developments in thermal dynamics and kinematics.

Shaping Industry Standards

Jotne Connect’s efforts are also critical in shaping the standards that are vital to the mining industry. Their work aids in the sector’s effective implementation and adaptation of new technologies.

We invite all professionals and technology enthusiasts interested in technology and sustainability to follow the developments spearheaded by Jotne Connect. Their efforts are setting new standards for efficiency and sustainability in industry practices.

You can find more about Jotne here: https://jotneconnect.com/

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