MINE.IO at the „Warsaw Industry Week” – The largest Industrial Trade Fair in Poland

The annual “Warsaw Industry Week” has become one of the most important industrial events in Poland and one of the largest industrial events in Europe. Compared to other industrial events, it stands out primarily because of its scope and the variety of solutions presented. Bringing together hundreds of companies from the industry and the latest innovations and technologies, the fair provides an excellent platform for exchanging knowledge, establishing business contacts and promoting industry novelties

This year’s edition (2023) gathered 19,308 registered visitors from 17 countries, and the leading theme was “Industry 4.0”.

Our partner Ł-ITR was a participant in the fair and, at its booth, presented, among other things, an innovative and sustainable approach to the mining sector by presenting the reference architecture of Industry 4.0 in mining being developed under the MINE.IO project.

The technologies used in this project, such as AI, IoT, blockchain and PLM, which are part of the Industry 4.0 architecture, were quite popular with the participants of this event.

At our booth, it was possible to learn about the goals of the project, and to find out about its anticipated impact on the sustainable development of mining. 

MINE.IO – Expected Impact:

  • Innovative smart mining technologies for EU mineral resources
  • Contribute to the creation of environmentally friendly, resource and production-efficient sustainable mining
  • Methods, technologies, and processes aiming for digitization and automation of the processes for the manufacturing of raw materials

The MINE.IO project is being implemented by a consortium of 25 partners under the Horizon Europe program.

The results of the work will be introduced to the pilot sites, which are located at 7 mining sites in different parts of Europe.

Thanks to the presence of our project at the aforementioned event, we were able to establish relationships with the community of potential end-users and suppliers of services directed to the mining industry, which provides opportunities for further cooperation and wider dissemination of the MINE.IO project, including building public awareness in the area of sustainable mining development.

You can learn more about the project on our Website: https://mineio-horizon.eu/

See also information about the event on our social media: https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:activity:7122936276487405568

MINE.IO‘s fair presentation is available to download below:

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