MINE.IO also present at ENERGETAB 2023 trade show

Three intensive days of the 36th ENERGETAB international energy fair held on 12-14.09.2023 in Bielsko-Biala are behind us. Energetab is Poland and Central Europe’s largest trade fair on energy issues. It brought together 433 exhibitors who presented their latest innovative products in power and electrical engineering to potential buyers. Dozens of them came from 10 European countries as well as China and the USA, and the fair’s expositions were visited by almost 16,000 people interested in novelties in the broadly defined power industry.

It would be impossible to list in a few summary sentences all the modern, innovative products offered at several hundred exhibition stands (such as elements and equipment of overhead and cable lines, transformers and container transformer stations, MV and LV switchgear, devices and apparatus for primary and secondary circuits, as well as power generators, specialized vehicles for the power industry, lifts, drilling rigs, jacking, wire and cable winches, etc.), but particularly noteworthy were the three special zones located in the open exhibition areas:

  • Renewable Energy Zone – RES,
  • Zone of Electromobility – SEL,
  • Zone of Practical Demonstrations of Electric Technologies – SPP.

We were particularly interested in the one related to Electromobility, where manufacturers of various electric vehicles promoted themselves (by the way, these presentations were held not only in the dedicated zone). This zone, as well as other locations where our partner Ł-ITR had its stalls, was an excellent place where we could present the innovative approach of the MINE.IO project to the sustainable development of Industry 4.0 using, among other things, modern electromobility technologies. Great interest was aroused by the project’s planned pilot on an actual facility where a solution based on autonomous rail vehicles using induction loops to supply electric vehicles with the required electricity at appropriately sized battery capacities will be implemented, tested and demonstrated.

This use case aims to develop a transportation system in which electrical energy is transferred to vehicles via induction coils integrated into the roadway. In this process, the vehicle returns energy to the charging system when traveling down the mine and transferred to the vehicle when traveling up. When driving outside the range of the induction loops, the batteries power the vehicle.

Such an innovative solution would make it possible to replace previously used internal combustion vehicles in the mining industry with cleaner, environmentally friendly, and safe electric vehicles for mine workers while maintaining a low risk of underground explosions. In contrast to environmentally friendly but riskier solutions based on hydrogen-powered fuel cells, the proposed approach would significantly reduce the risk of explosions in the underground mine environment.

Thanks to the presence of our project at the aforementioned event, we were able to establish relationships with the community of potential end-users and service providers targeting the mining industry, which provides opportunities for further cooperation and broader dissemination of the MINE.IO project, including building public awareness in the area of sustainable mining.

You can learn more about the project on our website: https://mineio-horizon.eu/

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