MINE.IO’s first Standardisation activities

Standardisation and its role in the Mine.io project

Standardisation activities are essential for the success of the Mine.io project, which aims to develop innovative solutions for the mining industry. The project involves developing or revising European standards that support the internal market for services and products related to the mining sector, such as safety, environmental protection, data management, etc. The project also participates in pre-standardisation activities that prepare the ground for future standardisation work, such as feasibility studies, gap analyses, roadmaps, etc. The project also engages with international standardisation bodies and promotes the global leadership of EU standards in the field of mining.

The Mine.io project plan includes task T7.5 “Standardization Activities”, which has three main objectives:

  • To facilitate the acceptance and utilisation by the market of the developed solutions, by ensuring their compatibility and interoperability with existing standards and regulations.
  • To provide starting information for other work packages, by identifying and analysing related existing standards and best practices.
  • To use the standardisation system as a tool for dissemination of the project results and interaction with the market stakeholders, by collaborating with relevant standardisation technical committees and contributing to the ongoing and future standardisation developments from the results of the project.

The EU policy context

The EU policy context for the Mine.io project is shaped by the role of ETSI as a European Standardization Organization that provides standards and specifications to support EU legislation and public policies in the field of ICT. ETSI cooperates with other organizations, such as the EC, EFTA, and international standardization bodies, and participates in pre-standardization and standardization activities in response to standardization requests from the EC and EFTA. The Rolling Plan for ICT Standardisation is an annual document that provides a comprehensive list of topics considered as EU policy priorities and where standardisation, standards or ICT technical specifications may play a key role in the implementation of the policy. The Rolling Plan covers five main areas: Foundational Drivers, Key Enablers, Societal Challenges, Innovation for the Digital Single Market, and Sustainable Growth. The Rolling Plan is a useful source of information for those who are looking for appropriate standards for their Mine.io industrial use cases.

Interactions with standards developing organizations (SDO)

Mine.io will interact with SDOs to share our experiences in using their standards. This includes feedback to existing standards and initiatives for or ballot comments to new ones.

Mine.io task contributions via Standard Survey

In order to identify the existing standards, Standard survey has been distributed among Mine.io partners and collected responses (shown below) will be analysed based on the standardisation objectives.

Contributions to ISO 10303, STEP

Jotne (as our coordinating partner for standardization activities) has continued their active involvement in ISO/TC 184/SC 4 with focus on WG 12 STEP Product Modeling and Resource, and WG 21 SMRL Validation Team. SMRL (STEP Module and Resource Library) is the database of ISO 10303 data model resources that are used to build STEP Application Protocols (AP); APs are the ISO 10303 standards that are implemented by industry. The role of Jotne in the ISO 10303 standards development composed here: https://www.iso.org/news/isofocus_142-2.html

Besides attending most of the SC 4 plenary meetings and about 50% of the WG12/WG21 weekly calls, Jotne voted on and partly submitted review comments for the following document ballots:

Table 1: ISO 10303 standard ballots supported by Mine.io 2023

WG numberStage of developmentDeadline for comments/vote
SC 4: ISO/NP 14306-4NP2023-02-06
WG 21: CR_4000_4439Evaluation Ballot
Validation Ballot
WG 12: ISO/DIS 10303-2DIS2023-03-22
WG 21: CR_ILSEvaluation Ballot2023-03-26
WG 12: ISO/DIS 10303-1ed3DIS2023-06-05
WG 21: ISO/CR-VB 4442Validation Ballot2023-10-10

Jotne’s participation in standards activities for first year – 2023

Jotne attended below events as a part of standardization activities.

Next phase plan

The next phase of this task will focus on identifying and selecting the most critical standards for Mine.io along with preparing best practice guides for those. Interaction with standards developing organizations will be initiated as well as other dissemination activities will continue, like the involvements in SBS (Small Business Standards), IRMA (Initiative for Responsible Mining Assurance) Standards and EFFRA (European Factories of the Future Research Association).

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