MINE.IO at the EARTO Conference in Warsaw

We are thrilled to share the latest developments from the MINE.IO project, presented at the prestigious EARTO (European Association of Research and Technology Organisations) Conference held on May 15-16 in Warsaw. This annual event brings together the brightest minds in technology and research, creating a hub of innovation and collaboration. This year, the conference took place at the Łukasiewicz – Institute of Aviation, adding a special touch to the event with its cutting-edge facilities.

During the conference, our esteemed consortium member, Łukasiewicz – ITR, took center stage, showcasing their groundbreaking projects and achievements. Among their highlights was the significant progress in our pioneering mining initiative, MINE.IO. This project is at the forefront of sustainable mining solutions, driving innovation and setting new standards in the industry.

The EARTO Conference provided an excellent platform for us to share our advancements with a wide audience, including industry experts, researchers, and technology enthusiasts. We are proud of the strides we have made and grateful for the opportunity to present our work at such a respected event.

A big thank you to the EARTO organizers and all the participants who made this gathering so inspiring and productive!

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to push the boundaries of sustainable mining. If you’re interested in learning more about MINE.IO and our future initiatives, feel free to connect and reach out. Let’s innovate and lead the way together!

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