Jotne Connect at The Sensor Decade 2024 in Oslo

Jotne Connect, one of the partners of the MINE.IO project responsible for standardization, participated in the prestigious event, The Sensor Decade 2024. The conference took place at Ole-Johan Dahls Hus, Oslo, Norway.

The Sensor Decade is an international event that attracts leading experts, scientists, and entrepreneurs from the sensor technology industry. This year’s edition focused on the latest innovations and the future development of sensors, as well as their applications in various industrial sectors. The conference provided an excellent platform for knowledge exchange, networking, and showcasing the latest technological achievements.

During their representation, representatives from Jotne Connect discussed key issues related to the MINE.IO project, with a particular emphasis on the standardization of technologies used in the project. The presentation garnered significant interest from attendees, highlighting the importance of consistent standards in developing modern technological solutions.

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