MINE.IO at the EEITE’2024 Conference in Greece

We are pleased to announce that the MINE.IO project had the honor of participating in the 5th edition of the EEITE’2024 conference, held in Chania, Greece from May 29 to May 31, 2024.

EEITE (Electronics, Telecommunications, and Information Technology) is a prestigious conference that brings together experts and researchers from around the world to share the latest achievements and innovations in the fields of electronics, telecommunications, and information technology.

One of the MINE.IO project partners, Hellenic Mediterranean University (HMU), presented a paper titled “Leveraging Industrial IoT Infrastructure for Remote Sensing, Edge Computing, and Decentralized Communication Systems in the Mining Sector.”

The presentation, delivered by Emmanouil Eleftherios Rompogiannakis from HMU’s Pasiphae Lab, took place on Friday, May 31, 2024. During the presentation, the scope of the MINE.IO project was thoroughly discussed.This event provided an excellent opportunity to showcase our project to a wider audience of specialists and to establish new, valuable connections in the industry.

Below, you can find the presentation that was delivered.

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