Participation of MINE.IO in INTARG 2024 in Katowice

From May 21 to 23, 2024, the 17th International Invention and Innovation Show INTARG® took place in Katowice, Poland. This multi-sector event has a broad impact, both interdisciplinary and international. INTARG is a prestigious platform that annually attracts leading companies, research institutes, and inventors from around the world to showcase their latest achievements and projects.

During this year’s INTARG, the project was represented by one of our key partners, Łukasiewicz-ITR. Marek Kościelski, the Communications Manager for the project, presented the details and results of Participation in INTARG allowed us to widely showcase our innovative solutions and establish valuable industry contacts. The event was an excellent opportunity to exchange experiences and ideas with other participants, contributing to the further development of our project.

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